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Wire saw for wafer / ingot production

Diamond Endless wire sawing machines for use in the production of ingot and wafers in the solar and semi industries. Diamond endless offers the lowest cost of ownership compared to conventional alternatives including diamond bandsaw, slurry wiresaw and reel to reel diamond wire saws.

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Polycrystal Silicon Squaring Machine DEWS-1200B

  • Innovative 12-cutting system can make 25 bricks in just 3 hours!


Machine Spec

Item DEWS-1200B
Basic Spec Max Height 2,800mm
Setup Area 3,400×3,400mm
Nominal Voltage AC 220V / 3P / 60Hz
Required Air Pressure 0.5Mpa
Noise 80dB
Work Table Size 920×920mm
Stacking Load 1,0000kg


Wire Diamond Endless Wire
Mesh Size 60# ~ 120#
Length 5,100 ~ 5,400mm
Thickness 1.5ø ~ 2.0ø

Single Crystal Cropping Machine DEWS-2000B

  • Simultaneous cutting(1Cut over)
  • Individual cutting
  • Endless Wire applied
  • Moderate Maintenance Expenses
  • Handy Maintenance Methods
  • Auto Pitch Adjustment
  • Easy Machine Control
  • Configuration Monitoring
  • Auto Setting of Cutting Dimension


General Spec.

Item Spec
Power Supply AC 220V Electricity Consumption 25KW
Slurry Extraction 1mm
Peripheral Speed

(Wire Linear Velocity)

Max 30 m/s
Cutting Speed 0 ~ 10mm (variable according to the quality and size of product)
Head Quantity 2 ~ 6 Head
Wire Length 3,000mm ~ 3,300mm
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa
Cutting Quality Spec Squareness ±0.15
º Surface Roughness(Rmax) 40µm↓
Cooling Water Consumption Max 20 / min (City Water Recommended)
Maximum Ingot Length 3,000mm
Maximum Ingot Diameter ø300mm/jig

Multipurpose Cutting Machine – Cropping, Squaring and Wafer Slicing DEWS-9640B


Machine Spec

Item DEWS-960 DEWS-1075
Basic Spec Maximum Height 3,200mm 3,600mm
Setup Area 2,730×2,100mm 2,730×2,200mm
Machine Weight 1,600kg 1,400kg
Nominal Voltage AC 380V / 3P / 60Hz
Power Consumption 3kw
Required Air Pressure 0.5Mpa
Noise 80db ↓
Feed Y-axis Feed Distance 960mm 1,000mm
Z-axis Feed Distance 400mm 750mm


Size 960×960mm 1,000×960mm
Stacking Load 450kg 700kg


Wire Diamond Endless Wire
Mesh Size 80# ~ 120#
Length 4,500 ~ 4,700mm
Thickness 1.5ø ~ 2.0ø